I don't want my wedding too 'weddingy' is something we hear all too often! So many of you Bride and Grooms to - be are super creative and have some amazingly unique ideas in your mind of how you see your special day panning out. And why shouldn't you step out of the box and set your own trends instead of sticking to (often cheesy) traditions? Go tell your lovely dear old Granny, thanks for your wonderful input Gran, but I’m doing it my way and having a wedding that truly reflects my personality! It is, after all, your special day (not Granny’s, bless her).

Don’t get me wrong, getting advice from friends and family who have already married their other half is wonderful and we all need it at times (especially in planning a wedding). But don’t be afraid to not do things the way they want you to. Who’s to say that their idea of the ‘right’ or ‘proper’ way to get married is in fact right and/or proper way? I say, go with what your little ol’ heart is telling you. You get this day once in your lifetime, make it about YOU and your partner and what YOU want.

Let’s start with your dress! Probably the most important part of the day, right? Traditional wedding dress not your style? White/ivory doesn't match your skintone? Have killer legs and want to show them off with a short dress? What about a two-piece? Veil not for you, what about a floral crown or headpiece instead? Have you seen some of the gorgeous head pieces going around these days? One word – LOVE! And if you are anything like us and love tattoo’s, why hide them? They’re certainly not for everyone, but if they weren't for you, would you be interested in having them in the first place? They are part of what makes you YOU so show them off!

What about your shoes? They don't have to white and 'weddingy', they don't even have to be high heels! I personally went for nude and strappy but if red is your colour, then why can't you have red shoes? Seriously, what’s stopping you?

Let’s discuss your bridal party. Firstly who says you need an even number on each side? What about different coloured dresses? Want your male bestie to step into the role of a bridesmaid? Why the hell not? There are no rules here people!

Have you thought about the cake yet? If you’re not into tradition, don't have a 'cake cutting'. Heck, don’t have a cake at all if you don’t want one!  On the other hand if you want an extravagant cake that is moulded in to the shape of two swans kissing, then get your extravagant cake moulded into the shape of two damn swans kissing! Whatever floats you boat.

And finally, what about the order of the day? The last thing you want on your big day is to feel like you are sticking to a strict schedule, so why not be relaxed about it. Try stepping back and just watch how perfectly the day pans out.

Of course if tradition is your thing, then that's what you should do. We are big believers of a Bride and Groom doing their thing on THEIR wedding day. Be original, be out of the ordinary – whatever you do just make sure you do it YOUR way and know that you will have the best day of your life. Continue scrolling for some inspirational xx

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