Looking for a local Florist who delivers? Someone who is genuinely passionate about flowers and making your day exactly how you want it to be? Well boy oh boy do we know the gal for you!


We recently met and worked closely with Gabrielle from Ivy and Lace Flowers who seriously knows her stuff. We, being a small business ourselves, love to support other small local business’ and encourage you to do the same. And once you see how Gabrielle works, we bet you’ll be booking her in for your special day before she has time to finish her next pretty bunch!


When we asked her what her favourite part of the job was, she said the bride-to-be’s face upon receiving the flowers made it all worth it. Awww!! Check out our one on one chat with her below;



Tell me a bit about your business and how you got started as a florist?


I actually always said I wanted to be a florist at a young age but never actually got around to doing it until I hit my thirties.


I started off just doing a few hours a week at a local Florist for a year or so but then she sold the business. I thought about buying the business but needed more flexibility having a little boy so instead converted my shed into a flower studio and started it from home. It grew pretty quick from having a couple of weddings a month to having 2 or 3 each weekend in peak season.


Why flowers? (Besides their prettiness, devine smell and ability to never fail in making a girl smile)


Obviously the flowers are pretty but it's more about creatively putting the right flowers, foliage and colours together. I've always been creative but what I love most is more the design and structure and putting it all together. Funny enough I don't even buy extra flowers just to have around the house. I don't get excited by a bunch of the same flowers in the same colour. It's more once they are styled with various colours and textures and creating a feeling and mood of the arrangement. 


What's your favorite part of the job?


Seeing a brides face if I get the chance to deliver them personally is priceless and what I love most. The happy tears keep me going after all the hard work that you put into a wedding. 


Besides flowers, what makes you feel all giddy inside?  


Travelling gets me excited. I worked for Qantas for 10 years so the travel bug is installed into me. 


What's your favorite flower?


I love dahlias and peonies. They are my 2 absolute faves.


Trivea question – What came first – the flower or the bee? (no googling)


Oh no I'm a florist not a scientist. I'll take a guess and say the FLOWER considering I'm a Florist!

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With love from Brooke & Lisa

Images courtesy of Ivy & Lace Flowers

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